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Mi.va Gomma is a service company that provides technical support to quarries, foundries, recycling plants and any other business that uses rubber conveyor belts and PVC belts.

Mi.va Gomma offers consultancy services and carries out jointing and repairs of all types, both in Italy and right around the world.  

Mi.va Gomma also deals with the rubber coating of rollers, drums, chutes, hoppers, silos, channels and trucks. 

Mi.va Gomma has patented a product called RASGY, which is a brush/scraper for the cleaning of conveyor belts.


Mi.Va Gomma offers:

  • rubber belts for leading-brand conveyor belt systems
  • rubber sheets
  • boards and scrapers
  • traditional rollers
  • garland rollers
  • anti-blocks
  • rubberised sheet-steel
  • perforated sheets for screening